Autographic Graffiti

Big Spiral Staircase

Canada Hockey Jersey

Cattails On Fire

Chasing Seagulls in the Mist


CN Tower Reflection

Dorey's Cowboy Hat

Driveshed Drapery

Early Flight Out

Expires Nov. 1, 1944

Fireworks Watchers


Frozen Docks

Game Over

Grist Mill Window

Guardrail Glow

Happy New Year Perps

Hot Air Ballooning

Inside the Sugar Shack

Inviting Chair

Loughborough Misty Sunrise

Macklin Gallery Window

Majestic Cedars

Misty Lake Sunrise

My Wipers Are Not Fast Enough!

Nice Cream Night

No Shoes

Open To All



Photograph Treasure Trove


Red Maple Leaves and Islands in the Morning Mist

Retro Diner

Rustic Shed

September Sunrise

Shine On

Snow Shovelling Patterns

Soup's On

Spheres and Dice

Spotlight on Christmas

Substation MS1 Arched Windows

Sunrise at the Boat Lauch

The Clean Off

The Winter That Was

Tir Nan Óg, Tastefully Irish

Train Trestle

Up To Speed

Water Tower Stairs

Winter at the Locks

Winter Bales (sepia)

Worn Out Workboots

Cold Day of Remembrance

Remember Them

Draughty Smithy Shop

Fire in Ice Olympic Torch

Fresh Snow and Sunbeams

Heating the Envelope

Hockey Tools

Hut on the Horizon

Letter Slot

Masts of Snow and Stands

Military Graves and Red Maple

Owl Art by Woody

Sizzle Shakers

So 60s

Still Time

Storage Room

Sunrise Mirrored

Clouded Reflections

Sunrise at RMC Point Frederick

Twisted Sash

Ugly Old Zebra Mussels

Bring Home the Bacon

Island Wheat

A Time For Reflection

I Don't Usually Do This Kind of Photography.....As A Rule!

Early Morning at the Corner of Walk and Don't Walk

Gallery of Fish


Morning Zodiac Reflections

No Trespassing

Old Riveted Train Trestle

Peeking Stegosaurus

Sometimes I Stutter, When I Shutter (double pane glass)

Winter Runoff

At The Ready

Basket of the Dried

Salvage Crew

Hot Air Character

Oil Lantern Ambience


Friends Gather Here

Winter Survivors

Select Your Cone

At the Drive-In

1936 Abstract

Truss Worthy

Steam Whistle

Wet Adirondacks

Basket of Photographic Joy

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