All Lit Up Like a.........Wind Turbine

Ain't This Just Peachy

Almost Ready to Lift

Fence Line

Flying the Blades

Like a Swiss Army Knife Attachment

Night Lift

Wolfe Island Fireball

Repair Shop



Sunset Golden Turbines

The Maestro

Turbine and Geese

Wind Farm

Wind Farm Flip Side

Wind Farm Sunset

A History of Innovative Engineering


Deep Blues of a Clear Night


Fireball Turbine

Flying the Nacelle


I'm Hooked Up, Your Move

Oh Deer; Where Did These Come From!

Red Stick of CAUTION

Storm's a Comin'

Sun Up


Turbine Erection Site

Wind Turbines in the Distant Mist

Wind Turbines on the Distant Island

The Huddle Before the Lift

The Lift Begins

Half Way There


Come To Papa

Almost There

Big Field Fans

Crane Shuffle

Preparation for an Early Morning Lift

Production and Transmission

Wind Turbine Lay Down Area

Wind Turbine Top View

Working Into the Night

Awkward Load

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